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#1: FW: Unicode error on WinXP x64

Posted on 2011-07-28 23:16:29 by michael.j.mccaughey

Hey all-
I'm attempting to connect to a Fedora-based server running postgresql 8.2.1=
1 using the pre-compiled psqlobdc .msi package version psqlobdc_09_00_0310-=
x64. I have used an earlier unicode version (_0200-x64) to connect to the =
database from a Vista x64 box without issues. I have tried to connect from=
a WinXP x64 box using the same unicode driver (_0200-x64) as well as the l=
atest (_0310-x64) without success. The connection test reports the error "U=
nicode isn't supported before 6.4", although the db is version 8.2.11 and t=
he unicode driver works fine on the Vista x64 box next to it. The DSNs app=
ear to be identically configured. Can anyone suggest a potential source of=
the problem?

Thank you,

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