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#1: DBD::mysql 4.020 released

Posted on 2011-08-24 15:20:31 by Patrick Galbraith

Dear Perl community,

I'm pleased to announce the release of DBD::mysql, the MySQL Perl
client, 4.020. The release has several great fixes provided by the
community, and in particular from Masahiro Chiba, who fixed several
issues pertaining to prepared statement support as well as UTF8
support, something that I myself have had a difficult time fixing and

From the Change log:

2011-08-15 Patrick Galbraith <patg at patg dot net> (4.020)
* Numerous (!! Thank you!!) fixes for prepared statements: Masahiro
Chiba <nihen at megabbs
dot com>
- Chop blanks fixed
- UTF8 improvements
- fixed memory allocation for BLOBs
- auto-reconnect
* Fix in leak test, which failed sometime due to first assignment
$prev_size over
paging (Masahiro Chiba)
* Catalog test allows use of schemas other than 'test' (Masahiro Chiba)
* Documentation fix for auto_reconnect (Karen Etheridge <ether at cpan dot
* Win32 and general installation fixes (Alexandr Ciornii,

I want to thank Masahiro, Karen and Alexandr for their contributions,
which made this release possible. I want to again thank everyone who
submits bugs as well as simply using this driver!

The release can be found at:

Kind regards,

Patrick Galbraith

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