Re: mod_perl problem?!

Re: mod_perl problem?!

am 28.09.2011 10:10:27 von torsten.foertsch

On Wednesday, 28 September 2011 00:46:51 Marco Walther wrote:
> Do you have any idea where I might start looking? I don't have much=20
> insight into the Perl or mod_perl internals, but I played which large=20
> C-based packages before;-)

I have seen your mail on the user's list. My first thought had been that=20
there might be something fishy with PERL_USE_SAFE_PUTENV. But your perl=20
is compiled *with* that flag (as is mine). I haven't tried perl 5.14.1.=20
Perhaps something has happened to PL_envgv in that version.

ENVHV is defined in modperl_env.h as GvHV(PL_envgv).

However, since PL_envgv is just a member of the current interpreter I=20
rather think that in 5.14.1 that thing is not set at this point.

You could try to put a


in mod_perl.c:modperl_boot() just before modperl_env_clear(aTHX); is=20

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