The Stackato Sandbox is ready

The Stackato Sandbox is ready

am 29.09.2011 21:10:05 von Troy Topnik

We've set up a sandbox so you can try Stackato without having to
download and run a virtual machine.

What is Stackato?
It's a cloud platform for running web applications written in Python,
Perl, Ruby, Node.js, Java, Clojure and Erlang. It's software for setting
up your own PaaS - like Heroku but with multiple languages and
frameworks. Here's the FAQ:

What do you mean by "Sandbox"?
Till now, to try Stackato you needed to download a Stackato "micro
cloud" VM and host it yourself. For some people, this was too much of a
hassle, so we set up this sandbox to make it easier. You can have a look
at the quotas and rules for using the Stackato Sandbox here:

Will my Perl app run on Stackato?

Probably. Most of the popular web frameworks are supported, including
Mojolicious, Catalyst, Dancer and Mason. Some Perl sample applications
can be found here: perl

Stackato can set up databases for your application using MySQL,
PostgreSQL, MongoDB or Redis.

How do I get in?
To sign up for the Stackato Beta program, go to:

Once you've signed up, you'll receive a code to give you access to the
Stackato Beta section of the ActiveState Community site. Once you're
logged in there, you can add yourself to the sandbox (you'll usually get
access within the hour), and download the 'stackato' command-line client.

We need your feedback.
We want to hear what you think of Stackato because we want make the
software as useful, dependable and enjoyable as possible. If you get
stuck or have some suggestions, let us know using the forums on the
Stackato Beta site, or drop in to the #stackato IRC channel on the
freenode network.



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