PerlOptions -Sections not permitted in server config

PerlOptions -Sections not permitted in server config

am 04.10.2011 10:43:44 von Damyan Ivanov

The following bug report arrived at Debian bugtracker
( Since I am able to reproduce it with
2.0.5, I am forwarding it here for advice:

(note that I have omitted some parts, as well as the output of mp2bug.
See the above URL for the full details if needed)


I'm unable to disable sections, as described here: rl_Handler_

So, according to the documentation, I should be able to simply place
the following in the server configuration.

PerlOption -Sections

When the option is placed in the server configuration, the following
error message is printed to screen when using apache2ctl configtest:

Syntax error on line 10 of /etc/apache2/conf.d/all_vhosts:
Invalid per-server PerlOption: Sections
Action 'configtest' failed.
The Apache error log may have more information.

The apache error log does not have any information.

This option is not allowed in per-directory configurations, and if I
try to do so, Apache provides the following error message (IP address
and path mangled):

[Mon Oct 03 16:11:28 2011] [alert] [client aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd]
/home/dir/.htaccess: Invalid per-directory PerlOption: Sections
(only allowed per-server)

For my use, this bug is a security problem, as it makes it impossible
to include mod_perl code to manage the Apache API in server
configurations without permitting users to run Perl code in the same
server, unless you also disable per-user configuration in .htaccess,
which breaks other useful functionality.


To reproduce the bug, add "PerlOptions -Sections"' to the global
configuration or to any container.

Thanks for any hints!