Fwd: kernel 3.0-rc4 booting issue

Fwd: kernel 3.0-rc4 booting issue

am 10.10.2011 09:30:53 von Prashant Batra


I am trying to build linux kernel 3.0-rc4 for a x86 server.
I am using the default config for x86, and the compilation goes fine.

But when I try to boot this kernel, it simply hangs at "Booting
kernel" prompt after uncompressing the image.
I suspected that some drivers may not have been included, so did "make
allyesconfig", to include everything in the kernel itself.
But same thing happened.

I followed the following steps -

make allyesconfig ARCH=i386
cp arch/x86/boot/bzImage /boot/vmlinuz-3.0-rc4.
make modules_install ARCH=i386.
initrd is not required as everything is in the kernel.

Can someone point what the issue may be.

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