Need some help with PHP coding

Need some help with PHP coding

am 12.10.2011 12:49:30 von T Matias

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*Need so help !!! We have a website based on the Professional theme cubit ..
For some time to now we had to migrate to another server...

After moving, the all site is working perfect... The only problem is that,
we have a home page video... And I don't know how to place that video on the
home page ....

On the home page, we use to have a video beside the form.... But now I don't
know how to bring the video back to where it was before ....
Smart Info Systems

Smartinfo specialise in providing a suite of business telephone systems and
services that use cutting edge technology to help small and medium sized
businesses lower costs and improve productivity. We have collected a number

The video was working perfect before the migration, it was in .avi file
format... We are using WordPress as Content Management Systems... And the
video is a single file which are actually hosted, in one of our servers
(Internal Database ). So, there's not third part issues...

The reason for migration, was because our previous hosting provider, stooped
supporting PHP_Mail function on their servers, as our site needed that
function on, we've being forced to move to somewhere else.

The Video use to be shown on Top-left-corner, side-by-side with form which
is there now. We want to get the video player back to what it was before .*

Tchize Matias
Operations Director
Phone: 075 9239 13624
twitter: @iTechReload
Skype: tchize_black1

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Re: Need some help with PHP coding

am 12.10.2011 15:17:22 von Jim Giner

What makes you think it's a PHP problem? It could be that you modified the
location of the video file and the href= is wrong.

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Re: Need some help with PHP coding

am 12.10.2011 15:41:11 von Jim Giner

Looking at your site's webpage code, I do not see any reference to any .AVI
files. If it's a PHP problem, you should be looking at the portion of your
code that is supposed to be outputting that file and html during the build
of this webpage.

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