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#1: mod_rewrite problem with LA-U:REMOTE_USER

Posted on 2003-12-19 03:34:05 by John McManigle

Hi all,

I've had the toughest time trying to get mod_rewrite to work...

My specific goal: set up a system whereby a user is sent to his/her
own home directory upon authenticating.

Problem: It seems that however I configure things, apache takes
%{LA-U:REMOTE-USER} as empty. (Also tried just %{REMOTE_USER} )

System: Running Debian GNU/Linux Stable, with Apache installed
from the testing tree using apt-get. All other apache features
seem to work just fine, including other RewriteRules.
Server version: Apache/2.0.47
Server built: Jul 15 2003 13:47:34

Attempts to solve & details:

I've searched the apache docs as well as this list's archives, and
it looks like the biggest hint is to do the lookahead thing rather
than just %{REMOTE_USER} Tried that, doesn't work for me.

I'm putting my Rewrite statements in the virtual host file. Some
of the permutations I've tried are:

RewriteLog /var/log/apache/myrewritelog
RewriteLogLevel 9
RewriteEngine on

RewriteRule ^/home/(.*) /~%{LA-U:REMOTE_USER}/$1

RewriteRule ^/home/(.*) /~%{REMOTE_USER}/$1

RewriteRule ^/home/(.*) /~%{LA-F:REMOTE_USER}/$1

RewriteRule ^/home/(.*) /~%{ENV:REMOTE_USER}/$1

RewriteRule ^/home/(.*) /~%{la-u:remote_user}/$1

RewriteCond %{la-u:remote_user} (.+)
RewriteRule ^/home/(.*) /~%1/$1 [R]

In all of these cases, it acts as though the remote user variable
is empty. The client does authenticate correctly, and going to an
environment-printing CGI gives


Looking at the rewrite log, we have things like this (a bit snipped):

[18/Dec/2003:18:56:15 --0500] (2) init rewrite engine with requested
uri /home/
[18/Dec/2003:18:56:15 --0500] (3) applying pattern '^/home(.*)' to uri
[18/Dec/2003:18:56:15 --0500] (5) lookahead: path=/home/
var=REMOTE_USER -> val=
[18/Dec/2003:18:56:15 --0500] (2) rewrite /home/ -> /~/

So clearly, this is incorrect....

Any suggestions about why this might be going bad, why I *can* see
the variable in a CGI, etc?

Thanks a lot for reading this far :-) I hope there's some help out

John McManigle
Student Sysop and Webmaster
Montgomery Blair High School

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